The use of dental resins in dentistry:

precision, durability, and personalized solutions.

Dental resins enable the creation of precise replicas of a patient’s oral cavity structures using 3D printers. The products in our offering not only allow for high precision in printing but are also safe for patients and dental staff.

We are committed to delivering products that meet the highest safety standards for both patients and dental professionals.

The quality of dental resins used is fundamental for achieving precise 3D prints. UV Polymer dental resins are characterized by excellent flow and uniformity, enabling the accurate reproduction of intricate shapes.

The durability of these resins translates into the highest longevity of the created models, as well as resistance to mechanical damage. Their flexibility allows for the precise replication of a patient’s tooth structure. Dental resins for 3D printing are easy and efficient to use.Their smooth consistency facilitates application, and excellent adhesion prevents prints from detaching from the build platform. As a result, the models are accurate representations of the patient’s actual oral anatomy.

The use of dental resins in dental practice expedites diagnostic processes, streamlines treatment planning, and enables the delivery of personalized clinical solutions to patients.

Oral Cavity Models

Creating precise models of a patient’s oral cavity using dental resins allows for the accurate reproduction of even the smallest details in their oral structure.

This enables thorough analysis of each case and the development of personalized solutions. Patients can also visualize the expected final outcome, increasing their satisfaction and confidence in the proposed treatment.

These models are invaluable for planning orthodontic treatments, surgical procedures, and in prosthetics.

Dental Prosthetic Try-Ins and Crowns

The production of dental prosthetic try-ins and crowns using dental resins yields excellent results. Precise fitting enhances the comfort and functionality of prosthetics. 3D-printed crowns, based on precise models, are durable, aesthetic, and perfectly tailored to the patient’s oral cavity, restoring the natural look and function of teeth

Surgical Guides

Surgical Guides Surgical guides made from dental resins enable the performance of implant surgery using advanced 3D technology. With these templates, surgeons can precisely plan and execute procedures, taking into account the patient’s oral anatomy, as well as the optimal position and angle for implants. This translates into greater precision and effectiveness in treatment outcomes Dental resins are advanced tools that enhance precision, effectiveness, and efficiency in
treatment, contributing to the improvement of the quality of dental care and patient satisfaction

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